Services and Fee Schedule

At Synchrony OT we pride ourselves on offering an outstanding level of service.  Our promise to you:

  1. Our therapists have exceptional clinical reasoning skills to ensure that you will achieve great outcomes for your child.
  2. Our therapists possess a warm and playful nature which ensures that they get the best out of kids during therapy sessions.
  3. Our therapists know that every child is unique and that sessions will be tailored to their individual needs.
  4. Our therapists engage in the following professional development activities to ensure that your child receives the highest level of care:
    • Collaborate weekly with the Principal OT to ensure intensive support.
    • Participate in monthly mentoring with experts in the field of paediatrics.
    • Undergo extensive training in developmental paediatrics and attend ongoing professional development courses to maintain best practice.



Principal OT

Initial Assessment
Conducted over 2 sessions
• First appointment: 80 min session including parent interview, assessment using standardised tests and structured clinical observations.
• Second Appointment: 40 minute consultation with parent/caregiver to discuss assessment findings and develop therapy goals. Provision of a full written report.
$440 $480
Individual Therapy session
• Motivating child centred activities that target individual therapy goals.
• 5 minutes allocated at the end of the session to discuss home based activities to carry over strategies learnt in the session and balance the account.
30 minutes $95

40 minutes $125

50 minutes $150


30 minutes $115

40 minutes $145

50 minutes $170

Interactive Metronome session
• Evidence based Interactive Metronome program delivered through motivating child centred activities.
• For best results it is recommended to complete 12 x 40 minute sessions across a 6 week period.
40 minutes $125 40 minutes $145
Full Interactive Metronome program discount
• 12 x 40 minute sessions
• Payment made as 2 instalments at sessions 1 and 7.
• Reports provided at commencement, half way through the program and on completion.
• Any cancelled sessions must be rescheduled within 1 week of the original appointment time.
2x instalments of $690 2x instalments of $810
Travel for off-site sessions
• Off-site sessions can be offered during school hours.
• If a cluster of clients can be timetabled to receive therapy at the same school or suburb, waving this travel fee may be considered.
• This fee is additional to standard session rates.
Up to 15 km = $30

Over 15 km = by negotiation


Up to 15 km = $30

Over 15 km = by negotiation


Phone Calls, Emails and Meetings
• Liaison with teachers, paediatricians and other health professionals.
• Fee charged for calls longer than 15 minutes
• Off site meetings incur a travel fee
Billed at $75 per half hour or part thereof Billed at $95 per half hour or part thereof
Additional Documentation
• Therapy outlines
• Summary of progress reports
• Letters to paediatricians
• Detailed recommendations for schools
• Comprehensive home programs
Billed at $75 per half hour or part thereof Billed at $95 per half hour or part thereof
Cancellation Policy
• We value your understanding that it can be very challenging to fill time slots at short notice and appreciate you providing us with as much notice as possible if a session needs to be cancelled.
• Synchrony OT will send an email reminder 1 business day prior to scheduled appointments.
• Notification of cancellation is required before the close of business the day before scheduled appointments.
• Cancellations made on the day of appointments will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the session fee.
• We understand that sometimes circumstances arise that are beyond your control, as such we will waive the cancellation fee 1 instance per semester.
• In the event of subsequent cancellations, we can waive the cancellation fee if a make-up session is booked, when our therapists have an available time slot, within 1 week of the original appointment time. If you are unable to make the offered make-up session, a cancellation fee will be charged.
• If sessions are repeatedly cancelled your regular appointment time slot may be offered to another family on our waiting list.
50% of session fee 50% of session fee
Administration Fee
• Please note that this applies to FaHCSIA (HCWA) funded sessions and NDIS agency managed sessions.
$10 $10