Services and Fee Schedule



Initial Assessment
Conducted over 2 sessions
• First appointment: 80 min session including parent interview, assessment using standardised tests and structured clinical observations.
• Second Appointment: 40 minute consultation with parent/caregiver to discuss assessment findings and develop therapy goals. Provision of a full written report.


Individual Therapy session
• Motivating child centred activities that target individual therapy goals.
• 5 minutes allocated at the end of the session to discuss home based activities to carry over strategies learnt in the session and balance the account.

30 minutes $95

40 minutes $125

50 minutes $150

Interactive Metronome session
• Evidence based Interactive Metronome program delivered through motivating child centred activities.
• For best results it is recommended to complete 12 x 40 minute sessions across a 6 week period.

40 minutes $125

Full Interactive Metronome program discount
• 12 x 40 minute sessions
• Payment made as 2 instalments at sessions 1 and 7.
• Reports provided at commencement, half way through the program and on completion.
• Any cancelled sessions must be rescheduled within 1 week of the original appointment time.

2x instalments of $690

Travel for off-site sessions
• Off-site sessions can be offered during school hours.
• If a cluster of clients can be timetabled to receive therapy at the same school or suburb, waving this travel fee may be considered.
• This fee is additional to standard session rates.
Up to 15 km = $30

Over 15 km = by negotiation

Phone Calls, Emails and Meetings
• Liaison with teachers, paediatricians and other health professionals.
• Fee charged for calls longer than 15 minutes
• Off site meetings incur a travel fee

Billed at $75 per half hour or part thereof

Additional Documentation
• Therapy outlines
• Summary of progress reports
• Letters to paediatricians
• Detailed recommendations for schools
• Comprehensive home programs

Billed at $75 per half hour or part thereof

Cancellation Policy
Notification of cancellation is required before the close of business the day before scheduled sessions.
• Cancellations made on the day of appointments will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the session fee.
• If cancelled sessions are rescheduled within 1 week of the original appointment time this cancellation fee will be waived.

50% of session fee

Administration Fee
• Please note that this applies to FaHCSIA (HCWA) funded sessions.