Interactive Metronome Program

Over the past 10-15 years strong research has started to emerge that supports the concept of neuroplasticity- the notion that the pathways within the brain can be refined in order to enhance the brain’s learning capabilities. Our Interactive Metronome program offered Brisbane wide is a cutting edge, evidence based program that is able to make these neurological changes. The Interactive Metronome program in Brisbane is only offered at a select few Occupational Therapy practices in the city and Kate Kleinau, the founder of Synchrony Occupational Therapy, holds an Advanced Paediatric Certification.

Research has found that for neuroplasticity to occur, three criteria must be in place: place:
1. The child must be completing a motor action
2. The action must be goal directed and have their full attention
3. Extreme repetition and frequency of practice is required

To be successful in school, children need to be able to master skills for attention, memory, reading, writing, math, emotional control (behaviour) and motor coordination.

Many parts of the brain have to work in synchrony to successfully fulfil these functional tasks. For many children, the pathways that connect these crucial areas of the brain are underdeveloped. The Interactive Metronome program in Brisbane aims to clear and refine the pathways that connect the different areas of the brain so that messages are sent with speed and efficiency and can then be used to complete functional activities with success and control.


In the interactive metronome program in Brisbane, the child hears a metronome beat through head phones. They have electronic triggers (hand triggers and foot plates) that are activated in time with this beat. Every time they complete the movement, they are provided with visual and auditory feedback to adjust their accuracy. This process is completed within the context of fun and motivating activities to tap into each individual child’s internal motivation, making the Interactive Metronome program in Brisbane a wide-ranging and varied approach to occupational therapy.


The Interactive Metronome program in Brisbane includes extreme repetition in its program in order to make lasting neural connections and the equivalent of superhighways in the brain. Extreme repetition of a motor movement – that is, focusing on a goal orientated task with full attention – leads to neuroplastic changes.

The outcome of these neuroplastic changes is improved:

• Attention & Behaviour
• Balance & Coordination
• Gross & Fine Motor Skills
• Sequencing & Organizational Skills
• Auditory & Language Processing
• Reading & Math Achievement
• Handwriting

If you would like further information on the Interactive Metronome program in Brisbane please visit their official website