How can OT help?

We know that in order for children to learn new skills, sessions have to be fun, motivating and engaging. Every child is provided with an individualised program that promotes skill development.

If your child is having difficulties mastering skills appropriate for their age or finding it challenging to learn new concepts and retain information at school, OT may be helpful.

Common difficulty areas that OT can assist with include:

• Handwriting (messy writing, formations, reversals, speed)
• Gross motor skills (balance, swimming, riding a bike, sport)
• Fine motor skills (cutting, pencil control)
• Play (moves quickly from one activity to the next, repetitive with play, difficulty taking turns and sharing with peers)
• Behaviour (emotional, anxious, aggressive)
• Attention (impulsive, easily distracted, difficulty following instructions)
• Sensory processing (sensitive to noise, dislikes messy play, difficulty sitting still)
• Grooming (tolerating having hair or nails cut, hair washed)
• Dressing (buttons, zips, shoe laces)
• Feeding (food range, cutlery use)
• Toileting (constipation, fearfulness)

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