Handwriting Therapy

Developing functional handwriting is vital for success at school. Many children find it challenging to hold the pencil correctly, write for sustained periods without becoming fatigued, use correct formations, write neatly and legibly within the lines and write with adequate speed to complete writing tasks within set time frames.

Producing handwriting is a very complex task, and help from a handwriting therapist improves outcomes for many young people. If your child is in need of assistance, handwriting therapy can be very beneficial. A handwriting therapist can provide fun and motivating strategies and games to assist with developing the following essential skills:

  • Hand strength
  • Functional pencil grasp
  • Pencil control
  • Letter formation
  • Writing automation
  • Line placement
  • Improving writing speed
  • Sentence structure

Synchrony Occupational Therapy can provide tailored handwriting therapy and remediation programs to assist your child to become a more confident and efficient writer.