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Synchrony OT strives to provide a service that supports families and assists children to be confident, happy, successful and independent. We provide individualised and evidence based services that foster every child to reach their potential.  We know that every child is unique and it is important to set collaborative goals with families to ensure that priority areas are addressed.   We use high quality resources and equipment and create a warm and welcoming environment where kids enjoy coming.

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Kathleen (Katt) Matthews -Occupational Therapist

My interest in paediatric occupational therapy was enhanced towards the end of my studies at the University of Queensland, where I gained two years experience at AEIOU Foundation for Children with Autism. Here I worked alongside many other health professionals and implemented individualised early intervention services for children with Autism. I have worked closely with children whose goals surround self-regulation, attention, social skills, self care skills (dressing, toileting, eating), fine motor skills including handwriting, gross motor skills, play skills, behaviour and communication.

After graduation I started at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, where I worked with a diverse client population including clients presenting with complex medical conditions, developmental and learning difficulties, physical difficulties and acute and chronic mental health difficulties. This experience allowed me to further develop my clinical skills and my ability to respond to children and families experiencing difficult times.

I currently volunteer at the Brisbane Paralympic Football Program, where I facilitate physical therapy with young children and aim to reduce the typical barriers associated with sport. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment that empowers children and provides them with a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

In 2016, I commenced my employment at Synchrony Occupational Therapy. I am dedicated to developing my skills and knowledge as a therapist and to continue to support clients by developing individualized and family-centered treatment programs.

Professional Development Courses Attended:

  • Australian Paediatric Music Therapy Symposium
  • PlayConnect: Relationship-based Early Intervention for Young Children with Developmental Delays Workshop
  • Let’s Talk about Kids & Pain: National Pain Week
  • Understanding Disorganised Attachment
  • Working Together to Support Families

Kate Kleinau (nee Rothery) – Founder and Head Occupational Therapist

KateKleinauOccupationalTherapist.pngIn 2008, I graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from the University of Queensland. My career started out at a non-for profit paediatric occupational therapy organisation in Brisbane that specialised in providing early intervention services to children with Autism. This provided me with a very firm grounding in working with children with ASD, PDD-NOS and Asperger’s Syndrome. During my time there I was also able to develop collaborative skills for working alongside a range of other health professionals.

I then have worked for 4 years in a Brisbane-based private paediatric occupational therapy practice which allowed me to extend my expertise. I gained specialist knowledge in treating a wide range of skill areas including: teaching children to cope with sensory processing difficulties, handwriting remediation, developing pretend play skills, enhancing social engagement, refining motor skills, managing self care tasks, assisting children to gain awareness of their own attention levels and reducing inappropriate behaviours.

In 2013, I founded Synchrony Occupational Therapy. I have a strong commitment to continuing my professional skills and grounding my practice in evidence based research. Most recently I have become highly interested in neuroplasticity, the notion that the pathways within the brain can be refined in order to enhance the brain’s learning capabilities. Within my paediatric occupational therapy I aim to make long lasting neurological changes so that children have the foundations for learning.

Professional Development Courses Attended:

  • Relationship-based Early Intervention for Young Children with Developmental Delays
  • Building Blocks for Movement and Praxis
  • Essentials of Praxis Intervention in Autism
  • The Brains Way of Healing
  • Anxiety, Stress & Resilience in Children
  • Executive Function: Organising the Disorganised Child
  • The Links Seminar: Linking Nero Development, Sensory Modulation and Sensory Integration
  • The App Guide to Emotions and Autism
  • Sensory Defensiveness: A Comprehensive Treatment Approach (Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol)
  • Sensory Integration Certification Modules 1 & 4 (USC/WPS)
  • Interactive Metronome – Advanced Paediatric Certification
  • A Guide to Using Clinical Observations
  • Parent Learn To Play – Train the Trainer Course
  • Sensory Integration – the essentials to understanding the theory, neuroscience and research and research
  • Developing Effective Play Skills in Children
  • Fun Friends Training Program
  • Sensory Processing Treatment Course
  • Tool Kit 4 Kids & Tools for Tots
  • Picky Eaters vs. Problem Feeders: The SOS Approach to Feeding
  • Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference
  • Teaching Functional Handwriting for Written Communication
  • Getting Kids in Sync
  • Facilitated Communication Training
  • Understanding What is Sensory vs Behaviour
  • Basic course on the DIR/Floortime model
  • Creating a sensory smart classroom
  • Spectronics training and workshops