CoordiKids: Childhood Development Programs

There are many vital underlying skills that underpin higher level learning and cognitive abilities.  The Pyramid of Learning pictured below demonstrates the building blocks that are required for behavioural control and academic success.

central nervous system hierarchy

Recently we were lucky enough to meet with Marga Grey, the founder of CoordiKids, an online development program for children that targets the building blocks of sensory motor development. Marga has over 40 years of experience working with children and their families to address learning difficulties.  This is what she had to say about the program:

CoordiKids offers four components that each target a specific need:

  1. CoordiChild – a home based program for families on-the-go and in need of intervention for a child with issues, such as concentration, sitting still, being clumsy, learning challenges.
  2. CoordiClass – a classroom-based program for teachers to provide a quick 5-minute break towards optimal concentration for the whole class.
  3. CoordiKindy – a classroom-based program for educators of 3 – 6 year old children in Kindergarten or Prep to encourage optimal development in the foundational skills necessary for academic learning.
  4. CoordiConsult – online consultations to support our members.

We have compiled, prepared and video recorded activities and exercises for parents and children to do at home in a fun way.  At CoordiKids we are absolutely passionate about giving ALL children the very best chance for success, whether or not they have regular access to a paediatric occupational therapist.  We hope you enjoy the program with your child as much as we have enjoyed seeing the positive results our programs create!

This unique childhood development program has been refined over many years of clinical experiences with children who suffer from developmental delays and learning problems.

All exercises are video recorded and available online on all devices – always ready, wherever you are.  Parents and teachers do not need to prepare, the children follow the video and their hands are free to observe and to support.

CoordiKids is the perfect program to support and compliment therapy sessions.  It will enhance performance in all children, not only those with challenges.  CoordiKids takes pride and care in the accurate grading of the programs to ensure that developmental levels are targeted and reached to enable the child towards optimal functioning and performance.

If you think this program would be helpful for your child, Marga has generously offered for Synchrony OT newsletter recipients to receive a discounted rate of 20% off. Click here to find out more about the CoordiKids program and claim your discount.




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