Handwriting Ideas For Back To School

As the busyness of Christmas has ended and the new year is well on its way, our focus has shifted to the upcoming first day of school… which means back to handwriting!

Many children may find handwriting difficult or lack the motivation to write. Having your child complete some easy and fun handwriting activities at home in the week leading up to returning to school can make for an easier transition.

The trick is to make it fun or purposeful, so your child doesn’t even realise they are writing!

Writing ideas for kids starting Kindy and Prep:

  1. Drawing, tracing and dot to dots

Practise pencil grasp and pencil control by completing drawings of your child’s favourite part of their holidays, tracing over shapes/lines/words or completing dot to dot activities.

  1. Create name posters for their bedroom door

Get crafty and have your child decorate a poster for their door. Their main task is to write their name. If they are not yet able to write from memory, simply have them copy it.out pictures of silly cartoons or images to use as prompts to write descriptive sentences or stories.

  1. Multi-sensory writing

Writing in different sensations is not only fun but helps to cement motor patterns in your child’s brain. Using chalk, sand, shaving cream, play dough, sprinkle boxes and magic boards are all great options.


Writing ideas for kids starting Grade 1:

  1. Paragraph about their holiday

Ask for your child to write a journal or a letter to a friend or loved one, talking about their holiday. You could even stick in pictures/drawings to make it more creative.

  1. Wanted Poster

Have your child complete a wanted poster with a picture and a description of who the missing person is, what they look like and don’t forget the reward! This could be of their favourite TV villain or someone they know.  You can find some free templates here. 

  1. Writing out their school list

If you still need to do the school shopping, have your child write down what supplies they need. They can then help collect the items at the shops (the same can be done for grocery shopping).

Writing ideas for kids starting Grade 2 and up:

  1. Storey Dice

Get creative and make or print out different a story dice. Have your child roll a character and location dice and write a short story based on the results. You can print out free character and setting templates here.

  1. Silly Sentences

Print out pictures of silly cartoons or images to use as prompts to write descriptive sentences or stories.

  1. Experiment write up

Have your child write out the instructions for an experiment.  We often make balloon rockets and volcanos here at the clinic.hannah lynch uniform

Happy writing!


– Hannah Lynch, Occupational Therapist

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