9 Fun Activities to Develop Scissor Skills

This semester Synchrony OT has been lucky enough to be involved with the final year OT student projects through the University of Queensland.  Our students were able to put together some great activity ideas that you can use at home to develop your child’s scissor skills.

For early year’s students, cutting with scissors can make up a big part of the day.  Many classroom activities involve a cutting and pasting component.  The following activities can assist your child to develop their scissor skills to ensure that they do not fall behind during the school day.

9 Fun Activity Ideas: Download example cutting templates here

  1. Get Set Up!
    • Teach your child which one is their ‘Doing Hand’ and ‘Helper Hand’.
    • ‘Doing Hand’ holds the scissors: Thumb on top in the smaller hole, fingers on the bottom and scissors pointing forward.
    • ‘Helper Hand’ holds the paper: Thumb on top and turns the paper.
    • Use a scissor rhyme: “Fingers on the bottom, Thumb on top, Open up your hand, and Chop-chop-chop!
  2. Playdough Snakes
    • Using both hands, roll playdough into a long snake.
    • Get your child to make lots of snips down the length of the snake.
  3. Lion Paper Plate
    • Make single snips around the edge of a paper plate to make a lion mane.
    • Then assist your child to draw on a face and colour the mane.
  4. Lollipops and Flowers
    • Draw some lollipops or flowers into the middle of a page.
    • Draw a long stem on each of the lollipops or flowers.
    • Get your child to cut along each stem.
  5. Haircut Salon
    • Get your child to draw a face on the toilet roll.
    • Get your child to cut down into the length of the toilet paper roll, so as to create strands of hair.
    • Finally they can give their character a hair cut.
  6. Roger Robot
    • Print out a template or draw some shapes on a page to make up a robot using rectangles, squares and triangles.
    • Get your child to cut out the shapes and put together the robot.
  7. Collage Creations
    • Find an old pile of unwanted magazines or newspapers.
    • Choose a theme (e.g. red, sports, things that fly).
    • Get your child to cut out things they find relating to that theme.
  8. Balloon Strings
    • Draw some balloons into the middle of a page.
    • Draw a long curved string to each of the balloons.
    • Get your child to cut along each string to the balloon.
  9. Snakes and Snails
    • Find a cut-out template of a curled up snake or snail shell.
    • Get your child to cut around snake in a spiral towards the middle.

-Kate Kleinau, Occupational Therapist

kate headshot


Please feel free to ask questions or give me your feedback.  I am always more than happy to answer any emails personally.

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