5 of Our Favourite Paper Craft Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are an essential foundation skill necessary for keeping up in class. On any typical school day kids are constantly using their fine motor skills.  They have to do up their buttons and laces, use cutlery to eat breakfast, clean their teeth, open and close their school bag, complete drawing and handwriting, cut and paste worksheets, open and close lunch boxes and food packaging… the list could go on and on.

I often complete School and Kindy visits to observe how kids are coping in class. Often times I see students with poorly developed fine motor skills getting left behind.  I’ll give you an example: I watched a prep-aged student completing a task where he had to cut out pictures and sort these into categories for a science lesson.  Because it took so long for him to cut out the pictures, he hadn’t even gotten up to the sorting and learning part of the lesson before he was asked to pack away and move onto the next activity.  Another student was asked to glue in his work sheet and move onto the next task.  Because it took so long for him to glue in his worksheet and put his book away in his tidy tray, he had missed the instruction that the teacher had given for the next activity and was then having to play catch up.

Just like exercise and fitness, fine motor skills take time and practice to develop. We regularly use paper crafts as an engaging way to encourage kids to practice and develop their fine motor skills.


5 of our favourite paper craft activities that you can do at home:

  1. Accordion Snakes by Kidspot
  2. Helicopters by Kidspot
  3. Moving Fish by Krokotak
  4. Space Rocket by Paper Magic
  5. Shark Chatterbox by Easy Peasy and Fun kate headshot

Happy crafting!!!

-Kate Kleinau, Occupational Therapist

Please feel free to ask questions or give me your feedback.  I am always more than happy to answer any emails personally.

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