Happy Kids, Happy Families! Giving Your Child a Positive Outlook

Being a kid is tough, especially when things don’t come easily. Parents often comment that their kids don’t want to go to school, that they find trying new things really challenging and that homework is a constant battle.

We regularly use the Class Dojo: Big Ideas Growth Mindset Series to assist primary school aged children to build a positive mindset.  The Class Dojo team have linked up with a research team at Stanford University to create an animated series of videos that are engaging for kids.

The series was originally designed for teachers to implement with their students in the classroom when tackling school work, however I have found this a fantastic tool that can be applied to so many areas at home too such as getting dressed, learning sporting skills, coping when things don’t work out and completing homework.

Check out Episode 1 below which teaches kids that their brain is like a muscle, in order for it to grow you have to practice tricky tasks.

Later episodes in the series cover helpful topics such as “It’s OK to Make Mistakes” and “It’s OK to ask for help”.  These are the beginnings of teaching kids how to manage failure and build persistence skills.  Ultimately, the goal of teaching a positive mindset is to assist kids to build their self-esteem so that they can be life-long learners and display confidence in the face of challenges!

This series of videos links in particularly well with the Zones of Regulation Program, check out our previous blog post for more information: Teaching Kids Self-Regulation: The Zones of Regulation Program

Kate Kleinau- Occupational Therapist

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