Using Games to Develop Handwriting Skills

How many times have you heard “Handwriting is boring!”?

At Synchrony OT we are always on the lookout for fun activities and games for developing handwriting skills.  One of my favourites is a simple board game called ‘Pet Set’ which I’ve had since I was little!  In the game children have to roll a dice to move around the board to collect tokens.  There are 3 categories of tokens: Pets, Foods and Houses.  The aim of the game is to try to collect and match up a complete animal set e.g. Dog + Bone + Kennel.

pet set board game.JPG

I like to extend this game so that every time the child completes a set they have a handwriting challenge that they have to complete.  This concept of adding in challenges can be applied to just about any board game and can help to keep children engaged and motivated.

Challenge examples for different age groups:


  • Trace over dotted line patterns or through simple pathways
  • Draw simple shapes or pictures on a chalk board
  • Trace of copy the letters of their name using novelty pens (e.g. scented pens or changer pens)

chalk board laptop.JPG


  • Write the number that they rolled on the dice
  • Write letters using novelty pens (e.g. window pens, squiggle wiggle writers or coloured drawing boards)
  • Copy or generate single words to go with the picture prompts e.g. “rabbit”, “carrot”, “cage”

coloured drawing board.JPG

Grade 1+

  • Copy or generate a simple sentence using the picture prompts e.g. “The cat likes to drink milk and sleeps in a basket.”
  • Make a list of facts about the different animals

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-Kate Kleinau (Occupational Therapist)

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