6 Holiday Ideas to Develop Hand Strength

Hand strength is an essential precursory skill for handwriting.  The school holidays are in full swing so we thought we would take the opportunity to provide you with some fun activity ideas for developing your child’s hand strength.

  1. Theraputty is excellent for squeezing, moulding, pushing and pulling. Try hiding small items inside as ‘buried treasure’ for your child to find.
  2. Construction toys such as pop beads, K’nex and Lego require lots of strength for pushing blocks together and pulling them apart again.
  3. Use hole punches to make confetti or spice up the boarder of a card.
  4. Loom bands, lacing and threading are all excellent ways to practice intricate finger movements.
  5. Get crafty and make some peg animals whose mouths open and close when you squeeze the pegs.
  6. Use tongs, tweezers of beginner chopsticks to pick up and sort small items. Make this really motivating by having an M & M relay race.


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